What is Go Farr Creative!’s Creative Process?

Process can vary from project to project since every one of them has its own unique conditions and objectives like a fingerprint so it is difficult to state a complete view but what I can state is that I follow these elements of process which happens in all of Go Farr Creative projects: Discovery, Brainstorming, Feedback, and Production.

  • I will seek to research and ask questions about you and your business to understand your objectives, goals, needs, as well as motivation and heart. I will also research your competitors to understand their strengths and weaknesses as well as your positioning in the market. The formation of a brand strategy is the end objective of Discovery.
  • I will generate ideas and concepts through deep thinking and then refine ideas and concepts through experimentation, iteration, and play. The objective of the Brainstorming is to come up with concepts that will be effective according to the brand strategy and for you to review.
  • This is where you give constructive criticism on the concepts from brainstorming. I will then update and revise select concepts with a balanced approach of following your feedback with the brand strategy.  The end objective is for you to select the concept that will best fit your business to move forward into Production.
  • Your selected concept will be developed, iterated, and refined to completion with respect to the project’s deliverables.